Note:  Groups which have suspended all meetings are noted by strikethrough in the table below.

Groups with online meetings will meet during the times noted here and meeting details are indicated on the meeting locations page here.  

You may also find CA meetings online at CA-ONLINE.ORG

4DCA7:30pm (O) BBT7:30pm (O) BBT7:30pm (O) BBT
The Firing Line7:30pm (O, I) BBT 7:30pm (O) BBS
Freedom & Hope7pm (O, I) N8pm, (O, I) BBT8pm (O, I) BBT2pm (O, Z) BBT
Any Lengths7:00pm (O) BBS
The Fix7:30pm (O) N BBS7:30pm (O) BBT7:30pm (O) BBT
The Newcomer’s Group7:30pm (O, BBT)6:30pm (O) BBT
The Powder Room Women’s Meeting11am (C, I) Women’s BBT
White Rock Lake Men’s Meeting11am(C) BBT
Bag Of Hope8pm (C) (BBS)
Lakeside CA7pm (O) BBT7pm (O) BBT